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Your Goals

Clients enter counseling for many different reasons.  Life can become complicated and at times throw people a curve ball.  Some circumstances can make people question themselves and their life direction.  Picking up the phone and asking for help can be a difficult but very helpful step during these times.  I always look forward to hearing from potential new clients and am always willing to answer questions.  ~~ Please call or email me for an individual, couples or family therapy consultation today. .


There are multiple approaches to the counseling process but the first step is to complete an initial evaluation to gain an understanding of your current situation, past circumstances and the future goals you have in mind. 


"Perhaps you are in a difficult situation such as a relationship or marriage breakup or other loss and in need of extra support and guidance to get you through.  Or you may be unsatisfied with how something in your life is going and you are wanting to unearth patterns that hold you back from being all you can be and are looking for the empowerment to grow past it.  You can be helped to move forward from where you are by utilizing methods that are known to be effective for your situation".

Some of the therapies used include the following:

Solution Focused Therapy -  short term framed therapy focused on realistic solutions for goal attainment

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy -  addresses how thoughts effect emotions and behaviors

Insight Therapy -  helps an individual discover the roots and motivations under their behavior, feelings and thinking

Supportive Therapy -  provides an encouraging and supportive relationship

Christian Counseling -  for persons who wish to view solutions from a Christian perspective 

Bibliotherapy -   incorporates books or other materials to be read or used outside of the therapy visits to deepen your understanding of  issues and their solutions

Adjunctive Therapy -  A referral to assist the primary therapy may be recommended such as a grief group, divorce recovery group,  twelve step group, medication evaluation, veterans support group,  trans cranial magnetic stimulation, etc....   

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